Revenue of the Mind

Revenue of the Mind


A passion

Building the muscle for the long duration
Building the muscle for the long duration

Putting this " Puzzle " together

As I am writing this it is February 18, 2021 we are in a Pandemic, we are losing lives, sanity, the lost of money is challenging our dignity. I have acquired some more musical hardware and I have started a PETITION online in the District of Columbia. It's called Medical Presence. Senior home do not have the adequate care needed for its residents especially those that do not have family members. I need all of you to help support the movement. I am in the process of researching and getting templates to build a proposal to D.C council. If we don't " get us " who will?

Check this link out when you get the time.

The musical items would help generate some proceeds that could be used around D.C to help us navigate through daily triumphs and ease the stress. We live among each other and the definition of the village that raised me, is to assist.


Here is a quick survey link in a broad spect

After completing the survey please leave feed back and criticism about my view points or any missed points that was not mentioned.

Progress is the Movement and the movement is foward.
Progress is the Movement and the movement is foward.

'Da Version' Political

Here is the place for political aspirations and motive to show individuals in place, that a change is needed.

Clothing is the silent expression of one's inner desire and compassion of a particular service.

Let the design and its text talk!

My shoe design, more to come.

Yes, glad to get the ball moving right along. I have just completed my business application and I am waiting for my number and information stats. The parent is Law Endulgers, this is an organization that I started in school and always keep it with me, I also am called Eprenuer of all studies, that was another with the umbrella. Stay tuned more to come.

I am also getting things ready to become a notary, stay tuned there is alot more to come.

Tyrone Chisholm, Jr.