Revenue of the Mind

Revenue of the Mind


Gathering thoughts to reach our destination

Ideas that keep progressing

The entity with the " People Servant " perception. Building through self base materials and partnerships that believe in the progression of us.

Life deals unexpected challenges but with the right releasing of productivity, stress can be channeled in the correct path of progression.

Speaking Clears the unwanted tention.
Speaking Clears the unwanted tention.

" Voice of Vision Sight of Stinulation "

Using vocals, your voice, your detailed vision of a situation your paticular story. Its all about how you view or percieve in a way that relates and have others understand your viewpoint.

The way to move

Not in a hurry but briskly: a rapid movement. Multi-tasking can lead to a great out come and spare time is not given or made, but it is In the moment when it arise.

Playing a game on your phone versus downloading a free app that gives details about a particular like that you may have. In order for corporate America to thrive we have to show that we can keep thriving.

"Work with no Play" The definition of play in my book is a ' strategic move that creates a formation to reach an objective ' brainstorm about the route, utilize the tools that you have to put on that route and execute.

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Writing Sample

The Mental sobriety of a rehabilitated plot to regain our status qou.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may experience stress, anxiety, fear, sadness and loneliness. And mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, can worsen”.(Mayo Clinic Staff - April, 2021)

Elements that characterize a fact based solution has been obtained from careful understanding of the 

objective itself. Progression has variables and these variables are not represented by their numerical 

value but by what makes up the general perspective.

“The general perspective is us “the people” and how we utilize the utilities that would transform us to 

better socialization coming out of a pandemic”.

Social justice, advocacy, legislation, Bill's, laws, acts, rules and policies are our governed body. Utilizing 

these parts that creates movement and functionality will be able to decipher our next progressive step.

In the past year we have been plagued with a pandemic that hit the general body in the form of health 

care, employment, home development, mental stability, displacement and homelessness. Building a 

reform and implementing legislation has continued to be a trend in this pandemic. There are many 

targeted areas that different places are hit and the CO-VID act that was implemented was one of the 

legislated vehicle that is being used.

The CARES Act, Family First Coronavirus Response Act and the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response 

Supplemental Appropriations Act. These rules are the standing point that keeps us with movement and 

hope that a brighter path is being formulated to be one more productive in accordance to our guidelines 

that have been set in place and implemented.






Grasping the concept of rebuilding, we must be aware of our previous state of being, our present state 

of being and where we look to be. We are gang difficult encounters that disrupted us economically and 

by fitting every element of our economy we strive to stay with in the means of our structure. Utilizing 

governance that are applicable to the cause and precise areas that meets its specifications, you will see 

the need and infrastructure of the rehabilitation mapping.


Inflation, cost of living, health, rent control, homelessness, social justice, displacement disparities, equity 

and inequality are critical sectors in the rehabilitation process. Critical legislation dictates the next 

formation in progressing forward and to the sobriety of us economically. Showing what has worked 

without any compare and contrast due to all implications being for progression and relief. What is 

needed has been carefully viewed  by legislators and there roles would be as a public servant, to make 

the best choice for the people.

“The IMF estimates that the global economy shrunk by 4.4% in 2020. The organization described the decline as the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s”. (Jones, Palumbo, Brown, January 1, 2021:2021:updated-BBC world news)

Evert state is different and points particular places and categories that legislation is needed, due to this 

all needs may be different in wording but the Bill’s are worded the same. Viewing all formats, you will 

understand each need and how it fits into the rehabilitation process and how giving some at a time 

assist in the movement of the people to get out and assist with the recovery process. This as you will see 

is also critical in a democracy stand point which gives way to negotiation and to implement new reforms 

and amendments to Bill’s to be better suitable for it constituents. 

The overall question allows you to think of ways that we need to move forward in and its elements, the 

10 subjective question are pulled from the objective question, to clarify all that constitutes a healthy 

economic recovery and understanding facts of targeted areas in different communities can show how 

legislation targets and implements its strategy.


In conclusion our rehabilitation is to see where we was, where we are currently  and where we need to 

be in order to fully recover economically from this pandemic that has crippled our economy and put 

more of a burden that halts our productivity. 



Dealing with a pandemic that has hinder the performance, social norms and revenue generation of the 

economy, how will we recover?

When engaging in a dialogue about a topic, My sample of the population consisted of these categories:

A. Like minded individuals- conditioned

This conditioned it self was built on the theory of like minded nations to build stronger strategies globally to fight the pandemic crisis, while setting difference aside for the greater good of humanity. 

“Needed for like minded Nations to coordinate response to fight COVID – (October, 2020)”

B. Individuals in the area where I travel- observational

The geographical area o travel has mix classification from mature-those that have experienced setbacks due to pandemics on different levels baby boomers- whom have lived through transgression in pandemic forms generation x- whom classification became limited due to other pandemics such as drugs and aids. Those that have felt a direct impact to the grief, no matter the culture or ethnicity.

In order not to be bias in my research, I did not used a one track fixation but explored all ventures of 

thought processes. I new a balanced platform could be constructed with optional opinions just as 

getting votes. An analogy is: framing a question for a specific answer, which like minded individuals can 

add more relevant commentary to the topic while individuals in the area I traveled the most, can add 

there opinion, but not to much relevance because they may not know all of the elements that are 


The surveyed questions that stuck out to me was those that I hear and see the effects as I partake in 

many grassroots entities across the District of Columbia. A lot of knowledge that frames these questions 

was built from teachers in the advocacy fields, documents related to the subject, hands on experience, 

seeing the issues escalate and de-escalate and continuous research on the topic and its elements.

Will job structures take longer to adjust, when transitioning back to the workforce?

Have the people forgot about the economy due to continuous government interjections?

Would more resources make us an independent or a dependent to progress forward? 

Is the people best interest viewed correctly in the vision of policy passers?

Understanding prior pandemics, are we doing better to gain back status or worst?

Should a relief plan be passed without all of it parts?

Should Amendments to a bill be voted against after the initial proposal was presented?

While slowly opening, what would be the best suggested progression method, for new store front 

owners and new developers?

Can rent stimulation suggestion help the people to regain status and become stable more firmly? If 

Small business and rent ceilings get lowered, can the workforce thrive harder?

After careful discussion, I believe that my research has gave a better insight into elements that are 

required to asses and complete the question. The brainstorming of a cluster set style was implement 

with these questions was implemented. As in all the people builds the economy and without proper 

measure to meet each person need, we would not be able to complete the task at hand. 

‘Law makers and Policy writers Implement the proposed but if not proper the filibuster can keep its 

challenging also implementing new propaganda that relates to the issues’.

An example would be:

“(federal Public Health Service Act authorizes the secretary of Health and Human Services to lead federal public health and medical responses related to public health emergencies. April 2020 - “)

To and from work there are so many different train of thoughts, Ideas and opinions that people have, so 

I seem that as the best way to gain understanding and more knowledge about the question. if a person 

is not to orientated about the issue, my research would have been only speculation and off 

of topic. Everyone is not politically knowledgeable about issues such as the question at hand. I wanted 

to have more understanding of the topic, so it would not be as a WIKI, without resources.

When forming my questions I had a few difficulties, the formation to show concepts of talking point, 

whether to use a qualitative or quantitative approach, also utilizing correct correlation to the question. 

Samples of the Population when my populations have different sets and categories of populations v.s 

elaborating on specific categories and show its direct correlation with the question.

While gathering and understanding, you have to keep all options available. You can not rule out a 

portion of research because it's not agreeable. Research is built upon outcomes of previous research 

and the recorded solution when encountering setbacks, different of methods or political question. 

measures are put into place to form an action and when the people move, it some times have to be a 

trigger to make the people move or we would be accustom to laziness. Progression starts within and 

have to generate to move out and about.


When gathering research it's always the objective mindset or the disagreeing concepts that plagues an 

external threat. Most of these threats are built threats such as people that may have experienced an 

unjust outcome that dealt with similarities to the question or those that are not affected by the 

outcomes due to other elements.

Conducting research gives a lot of anxiety to the brain, from frustration due to talking point escalation, 

to an aggressor emotional output of verbal data dealing with elements of the topics. These sometimes 

can draw emotions and give unwanted energy back into a negative energy pulse.

In the future my research skills will load all information data to be implemented into all categories that 

ties directly into the fact finding and outcome of the question and to implement the strategy in real time 

to give the correct solution that is needed.

Participant Observation-Deductive

In order for me to gain to correct information, I had to use individuals that participated in the research. 

Even though behavior towards particular question raised concerns such as rent freeze or lowering rent 

due to the framing of the research question some would appose of the idea.

The theory I had/have was to gain insight, sought out what type of legislation that could be use and 

network with the interviewee's to formulate legality and construct a movement that would assist in the 

struggle points of the issue and that is regaining stability to function. My drive is to have supportive and 

precise research to bring to question to a point of legislation, bring awareness and address the concerns 

that the question has developed.



My framing was totally deductive due to the points of needing factual information instead of speculative 

instinct. This allowed me to Issue-Rule-Application-Conclude to a factual point of interpreting the 

needed Objective-(research question) outcome.

Observing the legislation of the relief act for the pandemic, I was able to see first hand of modifications 

to a bill to meet particular goals to make the bill truly for what would be consider the best motion for 

the people. 

Upon gathering information there was other insights but I did not come across another question the 

would be attachedful to the objective. I used elements, seeing as though there are factors in every 

situation that generates a response. My research question is general in perspective but have 

elements/categories that makes its whole but would not cross into, for analogy: Will deep sea digging 

lower the water levels and preserve islands inhabitants. Focusing is critical and issues that may tie in 

may be of the general make the world better but would not directly relate to structure rehabilitation 

after a pandemic. Once I was able to established my focus point by using the cluster method for 

generating ideas that relates directly to my topic, I was able to narrow the resources to concentrations 

that would be more directive to my topic.

Visualization is a key component when gathering information and the only observance would be to 

understand law makers mindset when administering applicable application that deals directly to the 

research question. Any other observation would been considered a deviation from the question itself. I 

did not use a placebo to dictate the outcome because there was not a specific behavior I was analyzing 

using psychometrics but I was able to understand and relate to sensitive question of those that are and 

are not politically inclined. Frustration from both parts as far as the behavior implemented when 

adhering to a rule and the behavior of a rule maker whom rule either died on arrival, been fillerbust or 

plainly voted against for the nature of the rule.

Our interpretation is that we are entitled to mechanisms that are for our greater good and when like-

minded entities, we can collaborate and execute the proper legislation to keep the economy above par

and functionable with tools for progression, and ways to escalate if a pandemic arises again.

Legislation and the powers that are vested is the insight we need to adhere and be compliant to assist in our rehabilitation, as I stress numerous times throughout this rubric. Our governance are in accordance to:

“U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment and U.S. Supreme Court decisions over nearly 200 years, state governments have the primary authority to control the spread of dangerous diseases within their jurisdictions. The 10th Amendment, which gives states all powers not specifically given to the federal government, allows them the authority to take public health emergency actions, such as setting quarantines and business restrictions.” ( Bibliography )


Can the economy regain its structural status utilizing resources and relief plans during and after the Co-

Vid pandemic?


1.       Julia Horowitz, February 11, 2021- CNN Business – ‘New Coronavirus variants are threatening 


the world’s economic recovery’.


Variants are the critical components when figuring out progression. Due to health and scarcity 


of jobs and people that have perfected their employment  position, are a necessity. The 


variables of the CDC-Center for disease control for economic recovery is the human body. This 


Independent variable relies on reliefs that are put forth for the stability on the economy and the 


forward moving of the people that make up the economy.



Utilizing health care coverage, compensation that can assist with Bill’s and medication until 


health is in a green state. The American recovery act have amendments that can bring 


visualization of an economy that can heal.


2. “Public Assessment of the U.S coronavirus out break- August 6, 2020.


Understanding the factors that would keep crippling the economy” such as:

(A)    Not enough social distance

(B)    The lost of jobs

(C)    Infrastructure deterioration 

(D)   Not enough medical coverage or prescription coverage.

(E)    Misinformation of virus and related topics such as vaccines, symptoms and proper care.

When the economy have an understanding of what to look for when progressing through, a 

brighter path can be vision, brainstormed about and assessed to complete. At this time the 

structure is creating dependent variables with some measurable outcomes that’s dictated 

and some that are just experimental.

Government involvement is the Independent variable because it stands alone on the type of 

relief that is render, how long the relief can be given and how the economy can progress with 

the supplement that was agreed upon. The foundation is there but the analogy here is to 

strengthen the structure to build upon once again.

Tyrone Chisholm, Jr.