Revenue of the Mind

Revenue of the Mind


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Speaking Clears the unwanted tention.
Speaking Clears the unwanted tention.

" Voice of Vision Sight of Stinulation "

Using vocals, your voice, your detailed vision of a situation your paticular story. Its all about how you view or percieve in a way that relates and have others understand your viewpoint.

Gathering thoughts to reach our destination

Ideas that keep progressing

The entity with the " People Servant " perception. Building through self base materials and partnerships that believe in the progression of us.

Life deals unexpected challenges but with the right releasing of productivity, stress can be channeled in the correct path of progression.

Who am I?

The I that I am is: A devoted worker that struggles

The holding of three 32+ hour jobs

A community Advocate

A student

A public Servant

A man with a mean for better position for us

My brand is me
My brand is me

A Brief Bio

I am a motivated individual that believes the learning process helps a person to become better marketable and builds an ethical competitiveness that builds better work habits and innovation.

I have obtained more than 190 credit hours, while achieving  an associate's in Legal Studies and as of now 3 classes from completing a Bachelor's of Science  in Political science. 

My educational start was My GED, a diploma in Paralegal, I have completed numerous certificate program through colleges and non-profit organization through out Washington, DC.

I consider my self a public servant and due to this thought, I Advocate for mental health and Energy Democracy. To get the word out about the homeless epidemic, I was an ambassador speaker for the homeless.

I believe that utilizing every idea the mind gives that ethical is the way to produce revenue and create purpose.

I have gained knowledge from food preparation to food serving, from advocating for rights to demonstrating ethically for our rights, from drafting memos, to memorandum of law. 

Being a listener has helped me understand and hear to correct need. Assumptions adds more problems and some enjoy misery, I am not that one.

Tyrone Chisholm, Jr.